Planning for PARK(ing)

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

This afternoon the YourMove Champion met with the Yr 6 YourMove team to discuss their ideas for our upcoming international PARK(ing) day event. The Champion (me) shared the progress so far in the organisation of the event. Our fantastic supporter at the City of Belmont, Crawford, has assisted us to obtain approval to usurp FOUR prominent parking bays right out the front of the school gates to turn into a park for the day.

The student team brainstormed some ideas on how we can celebrate the new parkland on the schools doorstep. There were some great ideas which are reasonable and do-able, and some really crazy ideas too. Most of the crazy ideas were shut down organically by the group as they realised that they were far too outrageous.

What we landed on was to have two park benches and some pot plants moved from the school grounds into the parking bays and some chalk hopscotch. The students also wanted to set up a colouring in station in the space - they envision groups of students taking turns to come out and use the park during the day. We toyed with the idea of running a colouring-in competition with book prizes purchased through the your move rewards shop. One of the students suggested that we could borrow some tables and chairs from the Kindy area as it will be a Kindy day off.

There was a slightly left field idea that the team were pretty determined to run with - they want to have a ball pit. A few of the students offered to supply protective mats (like the spongy mats you use when camping/caravanning to make the ground soft) and one of the students has volunteered to bring in a blow up pool and attempt to source some balls from Buy Nothing.

I have put all of the ideas to the school staff to have the final say. I'm looking forward to the energy the day brings - if it is a fraction of the energy that the YourMove team have, I will be happy!

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James (Your Move)

What a successful team meeting Lindi - ideas just overflowing! I'm glad you coped and didn't get submerged by all the creativity 🤩. I'm going to be very interested to hear which ideas make it to the final event. You have earned 10 points for your planning session this term, plus 20 points for your very detailed and engaging story writing.

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