On Friday last week the student team met up at lunch to discuss plans for the upcoming Walk Safely to School Day. Before gathering the students I visited another parent volunteer in the canteen who was kind enough to donate a box of icecreams for the Team meeting help keep the ideas flowing.

We started by reviewing the Your Move Activity Planner to get some ideas on how we could integrate an activity with our walking celebrations. The team unanimously landed on ‘Scavenger Hunt’. We brainstormed some ideas…

There was a lot of energy in the room (maybe a bit too much after the icecreams!) and so it wasn’t long before lunch was over and we hadn’t even distributed jobs! We agreed to meet again at recess on Monday and everyone promised to keep on track to make sure the meeting didn't take the whole break time.

When we met again on Monday, there was a lot more focus in the room. Our leader grabbed the whiteboard marker and we brainstormed the tasks that needed to be completed to make a successful event.

We then drew a timeline along the bottom of the whiteboard with today on one end and WSTSD on the other end. We placed each task along the timeline. Next we assigned each task to a Student Leader to take responsibility for, with a Yr 6 Student Leader taking responsiblity for the whole timeline.

The students talked about how best to work together to get the tasks done, and talked about starting a teams channel or Onenote notebook to help share their ideas. They decided a Onenote workbook would be best for what they are trying to share.

I agreed to organise this for them through the Your Move Staff Coordinators.

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James (Your Move)

I love how the magpie has managed to sneak into the Scavenger Hunt even before it has happened! Intriguing 😆. Thanks for sharing all the actions coming out of this team meeting. Your detailed rundown of the meeting has earned you 20 points on top of the 10 points for the meeting itself. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

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