Before going to the staff coordinators with the Student Team’s request for a OneNote notebook to share and collaborate their information, I spent some time creating a prototype or skeleton OneNote to get them started.

I started by copying over some of my Your Move planning notes from my ‘Apple Notes’ which is the app I have been using to keep track of all the events, activities, and any innovations that I think of for Your Move.

And then I filled out the space using the timeline of tasks that we had agreed upon in our WSTSD planning meeting.

I love this idea that the student team have sprouted and I have been able to develop further. I am looking forward to seeing it in action! I think it will really help to develop their ownership of the activity planning and execution throughout the year, and I can see that the information storage repository ability of OneNote can support future years’ teams too!

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James (Your Move)

Great to see you facilitating the students in their desire to use technology to improve efficiency - thanks for sharing Lindi! You have earned 15 points for taking the time to work this all out and another 10 for sharing the inner workings here 😁.

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