Planning with the Assistant Principal

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

With our annual Walk Safely to School and Dress Up Your Bike events fast approaching, the incoming and outgoing parent champions decided to sit down together with Assistant Principal Mrs Khose to make sure we are all on the same page. Chatting through our masks was a little challenging, but that is 'a sign of the times', right?

We started with an introduction of your move program to new Champion, Lindi. Jacinta discussed the previous successes and reflected on the activities which weren't as successful as she had hoped. She praised our Local Council, the City of Belmont, for their support and encouragement of active travel initiatives. After that, we spent some time planning the finer details of the upcoming walk safely to school and dress up your bike events and discussing the rest of the school year.

We discussed our plans for this year - how to maximise our impact on the travel habits of our students. We spoke about ensuring we are keeping the blog up to date and ran a stock take of prizes available on hand and a discussion about the various rewards and points available to encourage active travel.

We re-affirmed our ongoing goal of hosting at least one whole school event per term to encourage active travel.

Upcoming events for 2021 were discussed:

· Planning an excursion using public transport for our Year 6s in Term 3

· Organising an incursion through Transperth to help our upper school children feel confident to plan and use public transport

· Discussed a possible whole school treasure hunt style activity for Term 3

· Proposed an event in November for Bike Month in Term 4

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James (Your Move)

Great handover session - thanks for sharing Lindi! Getting a plan together for the year has earned you 25 points. You have also earned 15 points for the having a planning session in Term 2 (you can earn that each term), plus another 10 points for putting together a great story. Don't forget to let us know if/when you get a student team together. I look forward to hearing how the two upcoming events go!

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Thanks James! We will be uploading our story about the assembly item that we held to introduce the your move student team to the school shortly! We also have wonderful event stories in progress from the perspective of our students - keep your eyes peeled!

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