Promoting NR2SD - Students to Students

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

As a team, we are hitting the promotion of National Ride to School Day from all angles. On the agenda today, was 'Students presenting to Students' and putting up our posters. First up, the Your Move Student Team got together to present to all of the students during "Sustainable Eating" - which is our fancy word for recess.

They had a quick pep talk and briefing before they took to the stage for the first time as a team. The group gave a fantastic presentation and were clearly enthusiastic about what they have planned for the event, and with a little extra help from Ms Khose who was able to project her voice across the whole undercover area, the message was heard loud and clear.

We weren't going to forget the Pre-Primary students who have their eating and play time in the Early Childhood Education playground, so they had the privilege of a private presentation. The Student Team had a much easier time projecting their voices to the smaller group. It was exciting to be able explain to to the Pre-Primary students what they might expect from National Ride 2 School Day as it will be their first ever Active Travel Event at St Augustines (our events are usually on Fridays, when Kindy is not at school).

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James (Your Move)

That is a really nice face-to-face promo effort from the team - it is lovely to hear how the enthusiasm is spreading. They have earned 25 points for this 'assembly' presentation and you get another 10 for the details. NB - the "Student Team presents to other classes" activity is more related to the students running an activity rather than event promotion - we have been a little unclear about that in the past but are now being more consistent 😊.

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Ah great! Thanks for the feedback. We actually have a special ‘real assembly’ item planned for tomorrow! (Bet you’re on the edge of your seat! 😂)

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