Promoting Treasure Island

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

The your move student team have been busy this month getting ready for our big Bike Month event - a Treasure Hunt on Kuljak Island in Ascot. We’ve had a few meetings to discuss the finer details of the event and the expectations of the team on the day.

Today the team went from classroom to classroom to promote the event by reaching as many students as possible. The team decided on and practiced a script beforehand to make sure they didn’t miss any details.

Many of the class teachers made a big effort to thank the your move group for all the hard work they have put in to promoting active travel, which was nice to hear the praise, but also helps to re-iterate to the students from one of their trusted advisors (their class teacher) that active travel is important.

The year 5 class who participated in Super Boost Bike Ed were very excited about the opportunity to use their new bike skills.

When we got to the Kindy classroom, we had to interupt them playing on their tricycles which were provided by last years connecting schools grant. Mrs Tierney told the team that the Kindy’s absolutely LOVE their trikes and the class agreed with Mrs Tierny that they are all good bike riders because they practice lots at school so they will do well at the event.

The team got more and more confidence with each classroom that they visited. The buzz of excitement was palpable and the team feel really inspired to put on a great event for all the excited students.

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James (Your Move)

How wonderful that these very productive presentations had the unexpected benefit of triggering all that positive feedback about the team's efforts and about Active Travel in general 😁. I'm very excited about the Bike Treasure Hunt event and can't wait to hear more. The team have earned 40 points for their excellent presentations and you have earned another 20 for sharing all this positive news.

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