Promoting WS2SD everywhere

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

We have utilised multiple sources of promotion for our WS2SD event to ensure all parents, students, families and friends are aware and have the chance to participate in the festivities.

  • Newsletter
  • Posters
  • Parents communication app
  • Class communication app
  • Class to class
  • Parents & Friends Facebook
  • Official School Instagram

Firstly, I used the YM comms pack to help find the right words to promote Walk Safely to School Day. I find the comms pack so helpful when I am short on time and working to a tight deadline. It is a fantastic resource, thanks YM team!

I used those words in the Week 3 newsletter.

We used the posters provided in our pack that arrived from to hang up around the school and supplemented them with posters designed by our YM Student Leaders.

We sent notice through our Parent Communication App "SAPS" - I used the comms pack here as well!

I also used the P & F Facebook page to send a reminder to the school community to check their SAPS app.

Ms Khose used the Seesaw app and SDERA family recourses to pass on information about the event and how to safely walk to school - see full story here.

The YM Student Leaders went from class to class on Thursday to get the students excited about the event and to hand out the scavenger hunt worksheets.

Our social media fairy also placed a post on instagram to promote the event.

With this thorough promotion, I am hoping that all of our families are well prepared and ready to participate in the event. Fingers crossed that those who do participate have an enjoyable experience and that it is the beginning (or continuation) of a healthy lifelong habit.

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James (Your Move)

I know how school news can sometimes slip through the gaps in busy family life, but there will certainly be no excuses for any St A's family saying they didn't hear the news - that is a serious school media blitz😄! You have earned 22 points for your extensive use of the Comms Pack this term plus 20 points for sharing all the details and copy. The excitement is building for the big event!

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