RAC Little Legends Road Safety Incursion

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

On Monday and Tuesday this week, students at St Augustines were treated to a series of free interactive workshops from the RAC Little Legends Team to learn about road safety. It was a very simple and straightforward process to book the sessions with the RAC education team - this is the link to book. We first made contact in Week 1 and the team were available on our preferred dates in Week 7.

Each year group was provided with a different presentation.

I asked some of the Your Move Student Team to provide an overview of their presentations in an interview style:

Year 5 - Avoiding Risky Behaviours

Interviewer: Hi, can you tell me about the incursion you had today with RAC's Little Legends program?

Yr 5 Participant: Sure, it was a road safety incursion about avoiding risky behaviours.

Interviewer: Do you remember the name of the presenter?

Yr 5 Participant: Yes, her name was Alicia, but I don't know her last name.

Interviewer: What made the incursion interesting?

Yr 5 Participant: It was a game show and we had to answer questions about road safety. It was fun and interactive.

Interviewer: Can you tell me more about the game show?

Yr 5 Participant: Sure, we had to answer questions about road safety. Each team had to choose a point value and a category from the grid. The questions were about things like the legal requirements for bikes, ways to prevent crashes as a passenger, and how to stay safe as a pedestrian.

Interviewer: What was the most exciting part of the incursion?

Yr 5 Participant: Probably the whole game show because we had to answer questions. We split the class into two teams - one was RL (Ronaldo Legends) and the other was our team. We had a grid with three columns: bicycle safety, pedestrian safety, and passenger safety. There were 4 rows with different point values ranging from 100 to 400. We took turns choosing which question and point value we wanted to answer. It was exciting, but the other team won by a small margin because of a bonus question.

Year 3 - Bicycle Safety

Interviewer: I heard that you had a little legends excursion. Did you enjoy it?

Yr 3 Participant: Yes, it was fun.

Interviewer: What was it about?

Yr 3 Participant: Road safety.

Interviewer: Can you tell me the different groups of people who need to stay safe on the road?

Yr 3 Participant: Cyclists, pedestrians, passengers and drivers.

Interviewer: What was the message that you learned about?

Yr 3 Participant: That you should always wear a helmet and if you have a crack in your helmet, then buy a new one. But if you can’t buy a new one, just have the cracked one. Also, if you have them, you should use knee pads and elbow pads even on a bike and bright clothes too so people can see you.

Interviewer: What made the incursion interesting?

Yr 3 Participant: She showed us a plastic skull that she called Scully and then she said "Did you know that Scully’s brain can split in half?" If you don't wear a helmet you might fall off and then maybe break your head a bit.

Interviewer: What was your favourite part?

Yr 3 Participant: Probably when when one of Scully’s teeth fell out because it fell out right near me.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Ah great perspectives coming through in the interviews there Lindi! Thanks for sharing about the experience of organising and the offerings. Thats 25 points for the RAC incursion activity and 30 bonus points for the helpful information shared.🌻

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