On the 16th of March 2017, the environmental group from St Augustine's ran a Ride2School day as part of our participation in the ‘Your Move’ program. This was done to help encourage kids to walk and ride to school. This event was a huge success!

We luckily got a sponsorship from the City of Belmont which helped us to provide fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast. We also supplied stickers and badges for all kids who walked or rode to school.

The City of Belmont Coordinator Crawford Connell was in attendance in this event. To let all parents and families know about this event we sent out brochures and pamphlets which informed everyone about the transition to ‘Your Move’. We also got ‘Your Move’ signs from the Department of Transport for the event.

Our hands up survey on the day showed a good improvement in the numbers of people who rode and walked to school. The breakfast and prizes given were a great encouragement for people. It turned out to be a great day and we encourage everyone to walk and ride to school every day!

By Caitlin and Aaliya

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Wow, sounds like the day was a great success, well done to all involved. Your write-up of the day will certainly benefit other schools in the Your Move community who may be planning similar events. Getting sponsorship and providing a breakfast are great ideas. Next time it would also be great to hear some more specific numbers/percentages of kids who chose to walk/ride to school and if you've seen any lasting changes to how kids are coming to school.

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This is awesome!! We will be holding our own Ride2School day this Friday! We have Constable Care attending. Thankyou for some great ideas! I am hoping to post our first story, after this event. Your day looks like a lot of fun!! :)

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