Safely Walking to School with SDERA

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

SDERA's family resources are a stalwart of our active travel event days. With Walk Safely to School Day approaching, I asked our Your Move Staff Coordinator, Ms Khose, to use our See Saw app send out SDERA family resource sheets to each year level.

Between us, we have the process down pat. I have a "Walking to School" folder saved on my laptop from last year, with a family resource sheets for each year level.

I simply send these as an attachment to Ms Khose with a WS2SD poster designed by the Student Team Leaders and she takes it from there, sending the poster and the relevant family resource to each individual class. Below is an example of the poster and family resource sent to Year 5 families.

The beauty of this activity, apart from its' simplicity, is that each year the families are provided with new resources, not only relevant to their child's age, but also relevant to the school's current active travel event day focus.

Having the information provided directly via the See Saw app also helps parents to take the time to read and digest the information, rather than a note that is found crumpled at the bottom of the school bag weeks later.

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James (Your Move)

Your SDERA resource process runs just like a well oiled bicycle Lindi 🚵🏻‍♀️! Getting these resources out to the whole school has earned you 60 points, plus another 10 for helpfully sharing the inside story of how it is all efficiently achieved.

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