Safety in Parking Situations

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

To compliment our Parking Day and World Car Free Day event we selected the relevant SDERA family resource sheets to support families in their education around safety in parking situations (and car free situations for the upper school). Each year group were provided with a different family resources designed to be relevant for their age group. Providing resources separately to each year also means that if we provide the same package next year, the audience will have moved into the next relevant resource sheet.

The resources that I selected for parking situations are below:

Safety messages can be really powerful when they come from a trusted authority figure. So it was fitting that our School Principal Mr DiCarlantonio sent out the messages to each family via our class messaging app, See Saw. The message also doubles as an extra way to promote the event!

Below are the screenshots from Yr 2 and Y 4.

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James (Your Move)

Well done for piggie-backing these Road Safety activities on your event day. I like how you do all the hard work for the school so they can easily send out the appropriate resources to each family. You have earned 60 points for using these SDERA resources in Term 3 and another 10 for your explaination of how you went about it all.

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