SDERA Resources Promote Safe Bike Riding

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

While browsing the Your Move Website, I had seen the activity "Promote Road Safety with SDERA Resources". I had not heard of SDERA before, so I spent some time browsing the Challenges and Choices section of the website, with a focus on the Road Safety Education. The Family Resources really stood out to me as a fantastic tool that could have a great bang for buck for Road Safety promotion at our school, especially considering the parent feedback sourced from our Your Move Survey last year showed that more Road Safety Education was one of the most highly valued initiatives.

As part of our lead up and promotion of National Ride to School Day, I downloaded a selection of Bike Riding family resource sheets tailored to each year group from this website:

I discussed this with the Assistant Principal who passed the pdfs onto each class teacher and encouraged them to post their respective year level Family Resource Sheet on See Saw (parent communication app) along with the NR2SD information during the week leading up to NR2SD.

It was a hectic week and unfortunately some teachers were not able to get the resources out to the parents, but the classes who were provided the resources were certainly among the classes with the highest active travel ratio on NR2SD. Pre-primary had 23 active travellers out of 30 (77%) and Yr One had 15 active travellers out of 29 (51%) Compared with the classes who didn't receive the resource sheets who had 39 active travellers combined out of 121 (32%).

I'm planning on using the same technique to promote Road Safety in the lead up to Walk Safely to School Day in Term 2 (I've already selected the relevant walking pdfs) and I hope that this will become a regular part of road safety education and our event day promotion. The value that posting the resources had on family and student engagement in PP and Y1 speaks for itself, and I hope as it becomes a regular occurrence, other class teachers will see the value in prioritising it.

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