Silver accreditation celebration assembly

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

St Augustine made it to Silver Accreditation! Phew! And what better way to celebrate than to announce the accreditation at our Olympics themed assembly. As the your move co-ordinator, it was up to me to present to the school our wonderful progress. I'm not really a public speaker myself, but with a little encouragement from my children, I put on my big girl pants and addressed the whole school. I spent a few hours the night before preparing what I was going to talk about and laminating my presentation onto little handheld cards.

I started by introducing myself as the new your move co-ordinator, and reminded the school who the student team members are. They jumped up on stage alongside me (which definitely helped me with my nerves).

I reintroduced the your move program to the students, parents and teachers and explained how the program works, what we are encouraging by participating in the program, what we have used points for in the past and what we can save up for in the future.

In announcing the silver accreditation, I kept to the Olympics theme and announced the points that have been awarded to each individual class group for their recent activities as a leaders tally. Year 4/5 was awarded Bronze for their Safety School Excursion, Silver to Y6 for their in house TransPerth incursion and Gold to Kindy for their Kindy Walk. The students were delighted to be involved in a little competition between classes and it was a great opportunity to reflect on all the great activities that have contributed to the accreditation.

I invited staff, students and parents to share any ideas for new and innovative activities with the student team. After the assembly some of the teachers provided feedback to say that the presentation was hugely informative and that they weren't aware of the extent of the program. They will now keep the program in mind while considering lesson planning. From this I hope to take some further time with the teachers to show them some of the amazing resources available. The assembly also motivated the senior staff to dig out our accreditation signage which we will be installing soon.

We also celebrated the silver accreditation in our school newsletter for those in the school community who weren't able to make it to the assembly.

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James (Your Move)

What a brilliant effort Lindi! I love how you made the link to the Olympics, and your innovative idea of awarding classes for their individual activities has earned you a bonus 15 points. You have also earned 25 for the assembly, 15 for celebrating your accreditation achievement and 20 points for an engaging and informative story.

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