Team Reflects on NR2SD

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

The student team and I got together yesterday during recess to run a reflections session on our National Ride 2 School Day event.

To aid our discussion, we used the whiteboard to note down our reflections under three headings:

  • Results
  • What went well
  • What can be improved

Starting off with 'results' was a good way to get the conversation going. The students had remembered the numbers by heart and were able to put them straight up on the board. We worked out the % and compared it to our pre-planned 'goal' of 50%. The result was 71%! We then simplified the fractions to make it more digestible.... We had aimed for at least 1 out of every 2 students using active travel, but we achieved more than 2 out of every 3! I also shared that I'd looked through the historic Hands Up Survey data all the way back to 2017 and discovered that this was out best active travel day ever! The team were buzzing at this news.

Our scribe Suzie did a great job taking down 'what went well', adding illustrations to each point. It was clear that the bigger team and the structured plan had paid a major role in the success of the event. The team were able to make targeted promotions and competitions which attracted a wide range of students and with varying abilities.

A lot of time was spent discussing ideas for improvement around the fairness and management of the breakfast supplies. The team found it difficult to ensure that the breakfast was provided to those who used active travel and also to ensure that it was evenly distributed. According to the team, some students ate more than their fair share of the yoghurt before others had arrived. We looked at various ideas such as 1 yoghurt per person and finding a way of providing evidence of how you came to school before you can partake.

The team also reflected that our colouring in competition was a bit of a let down, only 3 entries were recorded. The students who participated were, by default, the winners and all were awarded prizes. The team felt that having only 3 entries did not meet their expectations for the activity. The reflection was that using our parent communication app to deliver the colouring in page was not a successful way to provide the entry form. It was suggested that in future we should print the forms and provide them as hard copies to the students. We agreed that we can attempt this activity again later this year and also agreed not to publish it as a "completed activity" on Your Move until it is more successfully delivered.

Another reflection was aimed at the hands up survey. Unfortunately the team was so busy on the day of the event that the hands up survey was missed. They completed it in retrospect on Monday, but when staff added up the numbers, it appeared that we had more students surveyed than we have actually enrolled in the school. The survey was re-done again on Tuesday with more attention to detail. Luckily with an event like we had on Friday it is easy to remember how you came to school that day. Our brainstorming solution landed us on using QR codes and iPads for ease of access and efficiency of counting rather than pencil/paper and hands to collect the data. (I really like this idea, because I can analyse the digital data far more easily 🤓😆) We will develop a plan for this in another session.

This is the first time I've run a post event reflections meeting with the student team. I was impressed by the thoughtful input from each of the students. Reflecting in this way is a great tool to ensure growth and development and we can all see clearly how we can improve our our implementation and organisation of an already record breaking event.

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James (Your Move)

What a super session Lindi - even more so as it was the first time you have done one of these 😁. Although we have already awarded the points for a team meeting this term, you have earned 35 points for sharing so many outcomes of the session and for having really established so many lessons learned.

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