Term 2 Parents Pledges - An Analysis

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Last term at St Augustine's we began the process of collecting parent pledges. We let parents know that this would be a regular activity each term. It is a great tool to keep the important message of Active Travel at the front of mind for parents and community.

We offer the option to provide parents pledges both online and also encouraging parents via our newsletter to offer pledges on paper into our your move mail box. This term 100% of our pledges came from our online facebook poll.

This term I added an extra pledge option 'I will support my child/ren to participate in walk/ride/scoot event days', which was a popular pledge among the parents.

I collected the data from the facebook poll and compared it to the Term 1 pledges. This term we had an increase in our total number of pledges.

Interestingly when I changed a pledge option from "I will park nearby and encourage my child/ren to walk to school" to "I will park and stride from Jack Ring or J Lee Reserve" the amount of pledges for that type of activity dropped significantly.

I also used some MS Excel magic to determine how many individual (distinct) parents made pledges in Term 1 and Term 2. Both terms had 29 individual parents participate - but they are not the same 29 parents. Overall in 2022, we have had 44 individual (distinct) parents making pledges.

I have ordered 30 pens from the Your Move store and plan to thank the parents who have made a pledge in Term 2 by presenting them each with a your move pen (possibly at assembly!).

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your followup pledge activity for this term Lindi. It is great news that you have increased participation this term. It might be interesting in subsequent editions to try to follow up individual pledges to see how many parents are following through on their commitments. You have earned 50 points for your Term 2 edition of the the pledges and 20 points for your informative explanation.

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