Virtual Assemblies for Term 1 2022

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

What do you do when you can't assemble? You hold a Virtual Assembly!

Last Friday, it was amazing to see the Year 6 leaders hold the first of many virtual assemblies for 2022. One aspect that stood out, was how personal it all felt! Everyone was treated to a front row seat as the Your Move Team read out the Green Foot Award.

It was wonderful to clearly see the winning faces of the whole Year 2 class as they were able to show off their prize to the whole school (their faces were not blurred at assembly!)

The students were able to join in singing the school song and the National Anthem as we virtually came together as community for the first time in 2022. Thank you to Mrs Field, Mrs Twomey and the Year 6 leaders for their pioneering spirit in getting our first virtual assembly off the ground, you did a fantastic job!

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James (Your Move)

Great stuff everyone at St A's. You have really demonstrated how technology can be used to overcome the limitations of Covid restrictions.You have earned 25 points for your virtual assembly and 10 for clearly explaining how it all worked. Great to see another angle of that amazing Green Foot award too 😁!

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