Walk Safely to School Day 2022

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

National Walk Safely to School Day on 20 May 2022 was a big day for St Augustine's School. After being prepared by the student team and staff with lots of promotion in the weeks leading up to the day, the students and their families really got out in numbers to enjoy walking to school in the morning. The student team had suggested 2 alternative starting points if walking from home was too far and they held a '10 tiny things' themed competition (more to follow in another story).

From the buzz of excitement as students and their families arrived at school by foot, as an estimate, this may have been the school's biggest your move event participation so far. (Unfortunately the hands up survey results have been misplaced, so can't be sure - next time!)

A healthy breakfast was provided by the City of Belmont to help families make the most of the time spent outdoors in the morning.

The student team met each student at the gate to hand out sticks and tattoos.

We celebrated the event on both instagram and facebook.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Lindi - well done for not forgetting to let us know about St A's NWS2SD event in May 😁. Given the schools large catchment it was a very good idea to include a couple of Park and Walk suggested routes. And it is wonderful to hear that it may have been your most successful event so far. You have earned 40 points for the event, 25 for adding in a Park and Walk element, 10 points for using social media in Term 2 and another 10 points for sharing all those details. See you in Term 3 and I look forward to hearing about the 10 Tiny Things comp.

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