Workshopping the website

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Late last year I was lucky enough to take up the opportunity to meet with other your move ‘super users’ to workshop ideas on how the Your Move website could be improved. (I have just realised that I didn't write a story about it at the time!). The workshop was hosted by Hatchd, who showed a keen interest in our ideas and suggestions for improvement. The session was designed to encourage active participation, and we were given the chance to voice our opinions freely.

Although, the aim of the workshop was for the 'developers' to understand our experience from a users perspective, I felt that the way Jerry and Rohan were able to get us talking meant that the 'users' came away with a huge amount of knowledge. Many new ideas were 'Hatchd' right there and then from listening and chatting about the feedback and experiences of others.

All in all it was a really fun and informative morning. Especially being able to network with other 'super users'. It was fascinating to interact with them, share ideas and learn from their experiences. I felt very inspired by the session and came away with some great new ideas on how to leverage the Your Move program to boost active travel at our school.

Oh yes, and the snacks were really nice too!

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James (Your Move)

I'm glad that one didn't slip through Lindi! You'd be surprised by how much I learn about what is going on in other 'silos' (shhhh 🤫) through your and others' stories. Great to know too, that the sessions fired up new ideas for you too!

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