Year 6s learn how to travel by public transport

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

With an excursion to Parliament house on the Year 6 agenda for Term 3, it was fitting that we use this as an opportunity to for the students to practice catching the bus before they head off to high school next year.

Before we practice a new skill, we should seek out as much knowledge and training as we can find. Luckily, David from Transperth was able to help us out!

See the newsletter snippet below written by the Madeline and Sophia, Year 6s from our YourMove Student Team.

Now the students have all the knowledge that they will need to get to and from their excursion to Parliament House as well as preparing them with extra confidence to undertake active travel journeys in High School and beyond.

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James (Your Move)

Excellent planning Lindi, and great newsletter item Madeline and Sophia 😊. You have earned 25 points for doing the Transperth incursion, 22 for your newsletter item, 10 points for putting together a stimulating story and another 5 points for Madeline and Sophia giving us the student perspective. Make sure you give us an update after your trip to Parliament House!

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