Your Move Online PL Session

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Today was my first PL session with the Your Move Schools team. It was fantastic to put some faces to the names of the YM Team and the other Champions that I have been reading about and interacting with over the past 9 months.

The morning started with an excellent key note presentation by Tepi from Telethon Kids Institute. He presented great evidence based research that cemented to the Champions that what we do within our schools is powerful and positively impacts our schools and broader community. This helped set the stage for the day keep our energy and enthusiasm flowing. His slides were humorous and thought provoking (see a couple below). I have started following him on Twitter @HealthTepi to continue to be inspired by his message.

We then had time to break into smaller groups where I was able to meet Amy from St Patrick's who told us about her school holiday active travel activity. I am really looking forward to hear her reflections at the end of her activity. In the next small group I was able to chat to Sam about my 'crazy' idea to create a bike library for the school. Sam has so much experience in this space and was able to give me some greats pointers. We learned about the upcoming Super Boost - and I have my fingers crossed for St Augustines!

I presented a talk about St Augustine's experience with International Park(ing) day last year. It was nice have feedback that this has inspired other schools to aspire to create their own parklets this year.

Some highlights from other Champion presenters were:

  • Learned about CANVA from Donna Buckley of John Curtin College of the Arts. We really struggled with Pic Collage when we did the infographic activity. I can see a lot of use in my professional life too!
  • I loved Annita Wenban of Bramfield Park PS's idea to set a target before an Event Day and also the idea of each student placing coloured cards in a box on arrival to NWS2SD to allocate points to House Factions.
  • Heard a great name for Park and Walk - Park and Stride. I will be adopting this when we begin the initiative next term.

All in all this was a very well run and inspiring session. I only wish it had lasted longer! I am looking forward to meeting more likeminded champions at the next event!

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James (Your Move)

Having read your story I now feel like I actually got to attend too! Thanks so much for this very informative rundown of the PL - all those details earned you 20 points, on top of the 50 you got for attending.

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