Yr 6 Class Win the Green Foot!

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

In an amusing presentation, the your move student team were able to present the Green Foot award to themselves at assembly last week. The Yr 6 class have been provided with lots of opportunity to increase and develop their active travel education recently, so it is no surprise that they were the class with the most active travellers. They were the recipients of our Super Boost Bike Ed, extension Bike Ed session at School Camp and a recent excursion which involved walking to the train station and catching trains and buses around the city.

As well as the prestige of holding the magical glow in the dark green foot trophy, they receive an extra 10 minutes of recess play as a reward.

I am hoping to work with the team to better capture and record the data from each green foot survey, so that we can measure the changes in behaviour across the school and classes. The team have had such a busy schedule with all of their active travel initiatives listed above, that this may have to wait until Term 4.

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James (Your Move)

Well done Year 6s - give yourselves a pat on the back 👋🏼. Oh, it seems you have already done that 🤣. You have all earned 60 points for your continuing your interclass Green Foot Active Travel competition in Term 3, and Lindi you have earned another 10 for the details of your story. I assume you will be posting a story on the recent excursion you did on Transperth, so haven't added in the points for that here.

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