Yrs 1 and 2 walk through the neighbourhood

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Like a lot of inner city schools with limited grassy oval space, we find it challenging to practice for our athletic carnival onsite. Instead we practice for our athletic carnival at a local park. This year the Yr 1 and 2 class decided that rather than taking a bus, they would walk to the sports field.

The decision was actually pretty easy since the journey is a lot more simple by foot than by bus, plus the weather was on our side and what a fabulous way to encourage the children to get to know their local landmarks by foot.

We started by crossing the footbridge over Orrong Rd, where we had an audience of passers who joined in our excitement of getting out of the school grounds by beeping their horns as we streamed over the bridge in our sport uniforms.

Suzie from Year 1 reflected "we got to walk past 2 teachers houses, they pointed them out to us and we also got to go past Sammy's* house. My favourite part was walking back up the really steep hill" (*not his real name).

The students where able to practice "stop, look, listen and think" at each intersection along the way and after a big session of athletics practice they were able to practice their "stop, look, listen and think" skills all the way back to the school too.

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James (Your Move)

It is interesting to see how much shorter and simpler the trip is by foot! Well done for taking the initiative to organising the walk Lindi. You have earned 25 points for doing an excursion by active travel and 10 points for filling us in on how it all went. I'm glad the weather held up and it is clear the kids really enjoyed it 😊.

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