Fume Free Fridays are Back!

Last Friday, our Your Move Sports Ministry champions and our new Principal greeted and handed out stickers with big smiles at our school crosswalk. Students in all years were so excited to see our first Fume Free Friday starting back at St Bernie’s.

Our students love our active travel days called Fume Free Fridays, where students who walk or ride to school are acknowledged for their efforts to get to school safety with a raffle ticket. Congestion conundrum was not be seen as our kiss n drive, yay!!

Our school newsletter and Facebook page also posted this article :)

Each Fume Free Friday, three active transport students are pulled out from a box and given a prize. To keep the momentum going and help reduce congestion at the kiss and drive, we will also be starting a Star Card initiative in Term 2, where our sports ministry leaders will be heading out in the mornings to give a hole punch to student star cards to acknowledge those walking and riding to school more consistently. Stay tuned to learn more about this new initiative in Term 2. We’re also keen to reignite a school walking bus, from the local IGA, where Fred and Mr T might even join in. If there are any parents interested in this, please email the school.

The Gold Sports Ministry leaders gave a brief announcement over the PA, focussing on thanking everyone for participating, staying active and being safe when riding to school. The YourMove winners were overjoyed with their prizes! Awesome work Elsa, Raylan and Noah. Keep up the physical exercise, movement, and bike and scooter safety Bernie’s and please don’t forget to set the next date free for Fume Free Friday is 12th March and is also a ‘Decorate Your Helmet’ day!!

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James (Your Move)

What a great event Kristy! Excellent to hear your new Principal has leapt straight into the Your Move and FFF action. I have relinked your story to the "Regular AT Day" activity for Term 1, which gives you 80 points. You also received another 22 points for posting a YM item in your newsletter as well as a bonus 20 points for your detailed writeup of the event. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks James! We're so excited to have our new Principal in full support of our events. He paid particular notice to the decreased cars and how smoothly our kiss n drive worked too which helped immensly!

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