After a ripper year of hosting active events our Bernie's Your Move team received a wonderful grant at the end of 2020. With our grant we opted for an upgrade to our existing bike and scooter rack area. So, as of two weeks ago we were the proud recipients of two new scooter racks and one new whizz bang bike rack. This space is now a dedicated, specific area for our students to safely park and lock up their bikes. We also shifted some of our old bike racks to help solve a parking problem for our parents. They now have their very own new Parent Bike Parking Bay situated at the front of our school. Thanks to Your Move and to all our amazing students and parents who continually support our active travel initiatives! We have plenty more space and plan to continue to upgrade our bike racks even further in 2021.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for showing us how your Connecting Schools grant materialised Kristy - that has earned you 40 points! I inserted your image directly into the story - did you know that when you insert images (rather than attaching), you earn 3 bonus points per image (up to a maximum of 15 points)?

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