Hello, we are the St Bernadette’s YOUR MOVE committee and we have a new and exciting announcement.

We have started FUME FREE FRIDAY’s. Our FFF commenced in week 2 and will run for the rest of the term, with the potential to also run every Friday in 2020.

What are our Fume free Fridays?

Fume free Fridays are about trying to reduce car fumes and carpark congestion around our school and also encourage students who ride, walk or scooter to school on Fridays.

We give away raffle tickets to anyone who walks, rides or scooters to school starting on Friday’s. Students look out for us at the main school gates, in our bright yellow hats on Friday mornings to receive their ticket.

Once students receive their ticket, they write their name on it and place it in the brightly coloured FUME FREE box in our undercover area.

We later draw out 3 raffle tickets from our YOUR MOVE prize box on Monday morning assemblies. Students are then able to pick a prize.

We have had great success and a huge boost in numbers of students walking and riding to school. The community spirit and seeing families together hand in hand is one of the biggest rewards to see, as well as the reduced cars in the carpark. Our hands up survey will follow in the weeks to follow and we have posted our pictures in the school newsletter and facebook pages as well as asked for parent feedback on ways to improve our Your Move events. The team are very excited and more eager for Friday’s than ever before!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kristie and the St Bernadette's Your Move Committee. It sounds like you've been having some smokin' Fume Free Fridays! You have earned 90 points for your update this term plus another 22 points for having a Your Move story in your school newsletter. Of course I also gave you a bonus 10 for making it another good read! It's really rewarding to hear what a great success it has been.

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