Hello Your Mooovers,

This week our fab Your Move team met and brainstormed some ideas on what to do with the newly printed 'Your Move Rockingham/R South maps' we kindly received.To start, we spoke to our wonderful office staff and we discovered that we have a problem at mission control!!! Many new families who start their journey at our school are asking about safe bike path entries, the best routes to travel to and from the school and ways to access the public transport options that service our school.

YES, "YOUR MOVE can SOLVE the problem" we said excitedly!...So, armed with action...the team have hand delivered the useful maps to our friendly office staff members, as well as place them in the office display cabinet for parents and families to view too. See our attached photos!

A second idea was to tell teachers to promote and use the maps as valuable resources in their Geography, Maths and Health lessons. As such, every personal classroom teacher was gifted with their very own copy of the maps today as well as an 'all of staff' email explaining how the maps show everything from walking trails, bike trails, skate parks, public art, sports and bike path information in the Rockingham and South Rockingham area. Aaaamazing!

Once again, we feel this is a fantastic and useable resource provided by the Your Move team and Rockingham council. We can't thank you enough for helping our school promote safe transport options and active ideas to into our community.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kristy - I can see you have really taken the bull by the horns (or maybe the bicycle by the handlebars?)! I love it when an idea is really put into action. You have earned 25 points for your efforts in distributing the maps, plus a bonus 10 for the level of details you shared. Also, I read between the lines a bit and have given you 25 points for your involvement in the Rockingham schools network. Make sure you let us know what classroom lessons transpire from this initiative for more points!

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Nice MOVING, St BCPS! Another thought, you could include the nifty COR map in your enrolment package (don't forget a "compliments of the YM Team"!)

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