At St Bernadette’s our shoes are made for moving!! Our Fume Free Friday’s have taken a bit of a set back with COVID, however we are so pleased to have a new sports ministry who are fully charged to kick off our Your Move activities again!!

So….on Friday 14/8/2020 we initiated our first Term 3, Fume Free Friday (FFF) and we recorded over 100 walkers and riders to school. This is a huge increase on our normal winter numbers! Our Sports Ministry crew were dressed in their new high viz waist coats, courtesy from our redemption rewards from Your Move. Our trusty sports crew gathered up interest with the announcement messages leading up to Friday, then safely guarded the crosswalk, handing out their very own personalised FFF tickets that they pre-made and cut up in their weekly team meeting. Our winners were announced during our Monday morning assembly and chose some great prizes that the team have carefully selected from the Your Move rewards shop.

To continue the fantastic momentum of walking to school, the Sports Ministry have posted a newsletter item congratulating all our students and thanking our wonderful families for taking part. We are gearing up for our Walk to School day on 11th September and the team are planning to start advertise a shoe decorating competition for this event. We have also been asked again when our next Fume Free Friday will be… so the crew have set future dates on our school calendar and the next FFF will be this Friday 28/08. Everyone is so excited and it's amazing to feel the amazing community buzz on our Fume Free Friday's!

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James (Your Move)

What a jam-packed story Kristy! Fantastic news that your FFF is back in full swing and you already have another one set for tomorrow. I have updated the activity link to "Regular AT Day Promotion" which gives you 90 points (instead of 40 for just a stand alone event). You also got points for the following activities - having a YM assembly item, putting a YM article in your newsletter, and also giving us an update on your student meetings this term. BTW I love the name of your "Sports Ministry"!

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