Our 'Your Move Champions' gearing up for our Walk Safely to school day

Kristy Watson

Today our faction captains were in high spirits during their lunchtime Your Move meeting. We discussed the planned events for our Walk Safely to school this Friday, individual roles on the day, and agreeing on hot spots for handing out our FREE apples and stickers to students who walk to school on Friday. Our champions also decided that the start of this week would be a good time to get started on our first hands Up survey, so they are very eager to finish before this before Wednesday. Healthy minds and active hearts are pounding at St Bernadette's. Go Team!!!

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David (Your Move)

Great to hear about the big plans at St Bernadette's! It's a really good idea to get some some student leaders involved in planning, and also to take responsibility for some event tasks. It certainly helps to lighten the load on the Your Move Champion! Looking forward to hearing how the event goes on Friday!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kristy- thanks for the update on your YM student team and the planning session for your W2SD. I have linked the story to the "Start a Student Team" activity and that has given you 60 points. I have also uploaded your attachment as a photo to give it maximum exposure and given you 3 points for sharing the image. Looking forward to hear how all the plans turn out!

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