St Bernie's get riding for Freaky Ride2 School Day

Kristy Watson

To kick start our healthy habits, our school students went freaky for National Ride2School day last Friday 13th March.

Our sensational year 6, Your Move team organised this event with the help of our staff and leadership team. Our team collaborated and first worked out their event plan in lead up to the event. First, we registered our school with the National ride2School program and received free school posters and stickers to help with our advertising. Newsletter and Facebook pages were also filled with ads prior to the big day. Our team wrote speeches for the assembly and decided on 3 prizes to be given from our Your Move prize box to students who rode, walked or scootered to school that day. Upon arriving at school on their freaky bikes or scooters, the Your Move team handed out raffle tickets and then presented the award winners with their prizes at assembly.

The students conducted a hands up survey at assembly and we more than quadrupled our numbers for riding, walking or scootering into school. What a massive achievement. The Your Move team cheered and congratulated everyone on successfully filling our bike racks to their biggest levels ever!!

Events like these take a huge amount of pressure off our carpark, reduce congestion and create a wonderful positive vibe for our school community. Many thanks to the organisers, all of our participants and our incredible Year 6 Your Move students for their pride and power in setting up this event.

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James (Your Move)

Good to see you back for 2020, Kristy and all at St Bernie's! Clearly you have launched into the new decade with gusto - your R2SD has earned you 40 points, plus a bonus 10 for making the story such a good read. Clearly you have also got your new team together so that is another 60 points, as well as 30 points for all your YM items at assemblies. I have also snuck an extra 10 points in their as you had so many photos in your collage but only were automatically credited for a single image.

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James (Your Move)

Oh yes - your analysis of the travel behaviour change resulting from the event has earned you another 10 points. A quadrupling of cycling mode share is an impressive start to the year!

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