Super what we're calling our lucky Star Card holders here at St Bernie's and they've started with a bang. This term, on our National Walk to School Day, every student who rode or walked to school was handed a new Your Move Star Card by our loyal and hard working Sports Ministry crew at the front gates. We have explained to our students through our weekly newsletters and assemblies that once you do 25 active trips and fill your star card, you will go into the draw at the end of term to win a $50 Rebel gift card. The kids who are consistently riding or walking to school are now being rewarded more than ever before and our Year 6 Star Card stampers are out there every day diligently stamping our cards.

We are loving seeing the increase in people being active and hoping this will continue even through winter when the weather gets a bit yucky. Hopefully our cards will survive the winter rain and frequent use...some students have laminated their cards and are taking their rewards very seriously which is awesome to see!

Here's a few pictures of our kiddies receiving their free apples and star cards on our national walk to school day this term. The vibe was amazing and the sounds of crunching apples were too!! A huge thanks to our local IGA and parents who walked in a walking school bus from our local shops too!

Next event, we will rotate teachers who will accompany the walking school bus. Our Principal sadly missed his turn but is lined up (along with his dog Fred) to join the next one! Kids are pumped that Mr T and Fred will be on the walking school bus haa!!

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James (Your Move)

There is certainly no doubt about the healthy eating habits at St Bernadette's - great photos Kristy 🍎🍎🍎. St B's clearly put on a great day for NWS2SD - and you have earned lots of points! 40 points for your event day, 25 for including a Park & Walk element, 50 points for running a rewards campaign this term, and a bonus 20 points for giving us a great read! As Hannibal Smith might have said to Mr T, "I love it when a plan comes together" (sorry if I am showing my age a bit too much with A-Team quotes 🤣).

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