The Bernie's Walking School Bus Begins

Kristy Watson

What a magnificent Walk Safely to School Day our school had last Friday, 11th September 2020. The sun was shining brightly, the smiles were glowing and we were thrilled to see an abundant of students walking and riding to school.

We also hosted our very first group of 15 students walk to school together in a St Bernie's walking school bus. Our wonderful year 1 and year 6 parents have volunteered their time to start our very own walking school bus. The group have agreed upon an ideal meeting point approximately 10/15mins away from school at a local shopping centre. The little ones held hands along the way, carried their own school bags and learnt they had to stay left on the footpath pretty quick. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we hope to increase numbers next term at our regular Fume Free Friday events.

As a reward for walking to school safely, our Your Move Sports Ministry year 6 crew were on apple duty. Each student received a free apple as a healthy reward for their active morning. The munching and crunching of apples was a delight to see and hear all around our beautiful school. Many photo's of the new walking school bus initiative and our students walking and riding to school were also placed on our school Facebook page and the school newsletter!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kristy - wonderful to hear about your double feature - the St Bernadette's WSB inauguration and your successful WS2SD event. You have earned 70 points for getting your WSB up and running, another 40 points for your event day, plus 10 more for sharing so many details. I look forward to your next FFF update with the WSB involved (term 4 is just around the corner!).

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