Last Friday, the St Bernie’s Your Movers went whacky with excitement for a whole school walk-a-thon. This event was a beautiful fundraiser for much needed families at our school. During the event our leaders led with confidence and took on the roles of setting up equipment, making announcements prior to the event, stamping the student lap cards, handing out high five’s, water and sunscreen on the day. They also provided entertainment acting as crazy clowns and singing to the pumping music on the oval during the event.

Today, the Your Mover’s team confidently wrote a shared event recount speech and were extremely excited to deliver this at our Friday assembly. The 4 team members shared speaking to the whole school and were sooo excited to announce 4 very lucky winners to select prizes from the Your Move rewards shop gifts.

The winning students chose from stickers, pens, torch and a bag and were given a huge round of applause by the parents, students and staff at assembly! The enthusiasm was uplifting and winners were certainly grinners today! So proud of the team for pulling together another wonderful event.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Kristy - it's lovely to hear how your YM team are really thriving on pulling together such an event, and even more so in that it was for such a good cause. As YM is all about Active Transport and is funded by the Department of Transport we do have to be a little strict about what activities we give extra points for - as walk-a-thons don't relate directly to increasing Active Transport we unfortunately can't give any more points. One way such events could get extra points in future is if a walk to school type of event was held in conjunction with the walk-a-thon.

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