This coming Friday we have a whole school walk-a-thon coming up to raise much needed funds for some families in need at our school. Each class will walk as many laps of our oval in 45mins and receive stickers and stamps for each lap walked. Our 'Your Move Champions' have been gearing up the school and getting them excited about the event spoken at our last two assemblies and today, have also brainstormed some ideas on how to use our YOUR MOVE goodies as rewards for some students at the event. See the team in action at our June meeting below!! During our meeting, the students and I discussed the prizes on offer (loving the slap bands by the way!) and a competition idea for the walk-a-thon. Some ideas were to reward students for participation, most laps walked, and offering a whole-class award for the first class to return their completed stamp cards and fundraising amounts. We can't wait for our exciting event this Friday and to keep you all posted on how our Your Move Champions go at assisting in running the event. Go team!!!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the great summary of your planning session. The image really sums it up well too. It's lovely to hear how engaged the students are in their roles. You got 10 points for your team meeting, plus another 25 points for having a YM assembly item - both of these activities you can get points for each term that you do it.

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