Mountain Biking on the Curriculum

Paul O'Donnell
St Joseph's College

This semester a select bunch of keen Year Nine students have chosen Adventure Sports as their elective. Over the course of the Term Two, the practical excursions lead by Mr Paul O’Donnell and Notre Dame Prac Student Jackson Shaw include mountain biking, canoeing and trail running, whilst the theory lessons have been focusing on principles of training, skills, team work, leadership and motivation.

On Thursday of Week Five the class loaded their bikes onto the bike trailer, jumped on the bus and got off to a morning of riding around Mt. Melville.
Throughout the ride, there was an abundance of mud (Sam Osborne), lactic acid (Phillip Woods) and determination (Ellie White).

In Week Six, the class took a trip to Lake Seppings where they were assessed on their bike fitness skills measured by time trial laps around the lake.
The standout student was Jessica Waldron who took off at the start to a commanding lead and held the rest of the class back to take line honors and 1st place.

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Nice combination of soft skills, bike skills and physical activity! Well done :)

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