St Kieran Catholic Primary School Hands Up Survey

Celeste Spencer

St Kieran Catholic Primary School is a co-educational school with approximately 500 students from Kindy to Year 6 located in Tuart Hill, Western Australia. We would like to get involved in the Your Move Programme to encourage our families to take a more environmentally friendly way to school!

On Wednesday the 28th of October students of St Kieran were surveyed to find out how they travelled to school that morning. That day the weather was a warm, sunny spring day. The results were unexpected! Based on 437 students 92% of the students travelled by car! (Which is 403 students!) Surprisingly only 2% (9 students) students came on a bike, only 1% (3 students) travelled by bus or train and 5% ( 22 students) walked. As you can see our results weren’t great, so we would like to change the results overtime.

We are interested in the Your Move Programme because we want our community to be more conscious about air pollution that is caused by motorised vehicles. We know that if we don’t try to educate our students at St Kieran, they will be unaware of how they are impacting the environment now and for the future.

Our goal is to encourage more families to take other methods of transport to school if possible. Overtime, we would like to see more students at St Kieran catching the bus or train to school if they live further away and the students who live close, walking or some type of riding to school.

In conclusion, St Kieran Catholic Primary School would like to participate in the Your Move Programme to strive for a healthier environment for our students in the future, through taking more environmentally friendly ways to school.

By Isabella, Samantha and Fabiana (Yr 4 students)

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James (Your Move)

Hello Isabella, Samantha and Fabiana (and also Celeste!). Welcome to Your Move Schools. I'm James and I'm here to help you get the most from YM and to make sure you don't miss out on any points! You have written an excellent first story - thanks for giving us all the background to you joining. You have (separately) earned 50 points for uploading your survey results and you also earned 12 points for posting your first story. I have just given you a 10 point bonus for sharing so much information and another 5 points for the story being written by students. Have a great week and let us know if you create some plans for next year or start up a student team.

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Thank you so much James for the feedback on our story, we are really excited to part of this great initiative!

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