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Courtney Kains

My name is Courtney, I am an environmental and sustainability consultant, and I am extremely passionate about all things carbon and climate, so getting involved with Stantec’s YourMove activities was an easy ‘Yes!’ from me. Inspired by our existing YourMove representative, Alix, I was keen to jump on board and spread enthusiasm for alternate transport and healthier lifestyles, with an added bonus of reducing our carbon footprint.

I believe that transitions away from the ‘norm’ are easier with support from a team and so facilitating a clear path with encouraging activities and a united group for our organisation is a great initiative and I am so glad that Stantec is involved with YourMove and is making so much progress. I am looking forward to seeing what our team and colleagues can do and organising activities for them to engage in.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move, Courtney! Thanks for introducing yourself - it looks like you and Your Move will be a great match 😊. By posting your first story, you have just earned Stantec another 12 points (on top of the 4 points you get for every post, and the 3 points you get for an image). I have also given you a bonus 10 for giving us a good read!

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