My commute now and then

Daniel Storey

Like many office workers around the world, my commute now involves waking up at an appropriate time, walking to the kitchen for a coffee and then enjoying it in the sun for a while before I turn the computer on and undertake my project work.

This is a significant time and cost saving for me for as I live 60km from my workplace, which is in total about a 2.5-hour daily commute or about 12.5 hours per week. This adds another 30% of time per week I am away from home for work. Sometimes that its frustrating to be honest, but there are ways to make it more enjoyable and productive. I prefer to cycle to the station which is about a 20-minute ride, so that means 40 minutes of exercise each day I ride. There are times I take the bus to the station and even miss the bus and need to drive to the station. I’m one of those people that leaves the house at the smallest margin in order to not waste time at the bus-stop.

The train itself can sometimes be a good downtime to check social media and what is happening around the world, or to read a book or study something I am interested in. The amount of times I will bump into an old work colleague or connection from the past is surprising. I am looking forward to a degree, to my previous commute practice again, but also appreciating what I have now. We do appreciate the normal things in life more when they are taken from us for a time. Therefore this whole situation may prove to be a blessing for society in the long term, especially for our attitudes and being grateful where we previously took things for granted.

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James (Your Move)

So many positives in that reflection on your commute Dan! That is one massive commute too - and now you have gone from 60km to 60sec to get to the desk. It's really good to see GTA back in the mix too - hope to 'see' you around the traps (real or virtual) before too long.

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