New and shiny End of Trip Facilities at Stantec

Alix Oakes

The building which Stantec occupies recently had their EoT facilities upgraded.

Facilities include a drying room, hair dryers and straighteners, lockers, a towel service, and charging stations for e-bikes and e-scooters as well as upgraded shower facilities!

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James (Your Move)

Just look at those facilities! Thanks for sharing this amazing end of trip infrastructure that was installed in your building Alix 😁. By the looks of things it is big as well as beautiful - I estimate around 50 parking spots, but I'm happy to be corrected. Nice to see the charging stations for e-bikes and scooters too. You have earned a huge 225 for all this new infrastructure - Bike parking upgrade (80 points), drying racks (60), clothes pressing and hair drying facilities (25), and secure lockers (60).

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Wowsers thanks James that is a lot of points! That sends us shooting up the leaderboard :-)

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