Welcoming Courtney

Alix Oakes

At Stantec we are starting to put some wheels in motion for our YM activities. A number of different planning sessions have taken place with senior colleagues in our Adelaide Terrace office and between myself and new Champion, Courtney :-)

Our first actions are to create an office working group, and to start work on our activity planner to identify some things we might do in the coming year.

As we have a number of office co-locations happening in the coming month, Courtney and I realised that we have some recent travel to work statistics which were used to calculate office emissions. We will review and hopefully publish another story on this data soon. This will give us a good understanding of what initiatives would be useful for our colleagues.

We're looking forward to getting started!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Alix and a big welcome to Courtney 😊! Great to hear that you two have been heads down planning your next moves. As it is now a new quarter, I can give you another 15 points for this update on your recent planning sessions, you also earned 10 points for sharing the outcomes and ideas generated. Make sure you give us an update when your working groups is established, and Courtney can also earn some points by posting a first story (perhaps a self-intro?). I look forward to hearing your next steps and what you discover from the previous surveys.

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