Active Transport Day

GORDON Macaulay
Swan View Primary School

On Friday The 15th of November Swan View Primary School held their first Active Transport day.

The student councillors were actively involved in the planning process, and several classes produced posters promoting the event and the benefits of Active Transport in the week before.

Faction points and Your move stickers/badges were used to reward students to joined in and used active transport options to get to school.

It was great to see more bikes in the bike compound, and parents organising some walking busses.

The Active transport day is set to become a regular occurrence at Swan View Primary School.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Gordon - I love those posters! It seems the student councillors did a great job organising the day. Make sure you let us know if it becomes a regular event in your calendar. Your post today has earned you 40 points for the event plus a bonus 10 points for making it a good read.

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