Today we organised a group of students to be the Active Travel Troopers. They are a responsible group of year 6 students who are eager to help promote active transport within the school.

Meet our new student team, the Active Travel Troopers

We had our first meeting today. I've planted the seed in their heads now to think about and come up with some ideas on how to improve active transport within the school. We also planned our next Walk or Roll to school day which we will hold next Friday. They checked out the posters I used last term, and decided that the design was great but to change a few colours around this time. Which we have done. (stay tuned for our Walk or Roll to school day story next week to see it) We wrote up a flyer to hand out to every student next week to remind them of the day. We used the flyer from last term as a guide for what to include and changed the design a little bit too. They are excited to hand out the flyers next week and help pin up the posters around the school. On the day they have agreed to help hand out the stickers as rewards for the students who participate as well :)

I look forward to keeping you all updated on how our student team is going, and what other ideas they come up with this term.

I highly recommend starting a student team to support your active transport journey. The students are a great support and come up with some fantastic ideas.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome Swan View Active Travel Troopers! What a super productive first meeting 🤩. I'm glad to hear the team approved of Miss Bri's poster design. I'll be looking out for your W&R day update next week. You have earned 60 points for starting a student team, 20 points for all the details of your meeting and plans, and 10 points for uploading your flyer.

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Thanks James!

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