How do we know if we're improving?

Brianna Dye

I'm new to the role of coordinator for the Your Move Program here at Swan View Primary School and I'm learning more and more about active transport as the year progresses. I completed my first Hands Up survery to assess how the students across the whole school get to school each morning.

I was dissapointed by the results as when the progress report was generated it showed just how much our progress has decreased since March (when the previous coordinator last completed a hands-up survey). HOWEVER!!!! I needed to look at other factors outside of my control. We are currently in a COVID lockdown... again... and the total number of students surveyed was only 141 (half the normal attendance). I also had to note that previous surveys have not included the Early Childhood Centre (Kindy - Year1/2) which have also affected the results.

I conducted this survey to provide myself and the school with some data from Semester 1, to then compare to future data from Semester 2 to allow us to see where we have improved and where we have not improved and what the reasons for this might be. I want to know that our activities are working. I created a template on Excel with formulas added in the 'total' column and row to do the maths for me ha ha! I then printed out a blank copy and went around to each class, there was minimal interruptions as students only needed to quickly raise their hand when the options were called. I then entered the results into the Excel sheet and this was produced...

I learnt a lot from this survey. It is important to remember outside factors that contribute to results and that we have a long way to go to imrpove active transport at our school, and finally that this means there is plenty of room for students, staff and the community to learn and get themselves involved in new and fun activities.

This survey has also provided us with some data to justify creating a 'Walking School Bus' next term, as the results show approximately 40 students walk to school. This was also one of our suggestions we recieved in our suggestion box to boost active transport within our school.

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Do not lose heart, Brianna! Sometimes there are just too many spanners (thrown in)! This at least gives you a base from which to work; just remember baby steps: start small & grow tall. A WSB is a great idea. Do not despair; you have plenty of great ideas bubbling along.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Brianna - well I think in your reflection you have answered most of your own questions, well done! Yes, I think the lockdown will have had a huge impact - so much so that the results will be of most interest to compare with next term to see how a non-lockdown winter survey goes (thus seeing the impact of the lockdown, rather than using the recent survey as a valid baseline). Great to hear that despite all that, the survey will help you with your WSB 😊. You have earned 20 points for your engagaing story plus 10 for all your insightful reflections on lessons learned.

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Thank you Arlene for your supporting words! And thank you James as well for your suggestions, I did not think of looking at the surveys as a lockdown vs non-lockdown comparison, I think this is a great idea! Thank you for rewarding my efforts too :)

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Take a little time to "wander" around the YM website, Brianna. There is a raft of ideas just waiting for you! Hop onto Resources to find the Activities list which will give you a few springboards ( & with it, points!) The Champions Guide may prove helpful as will the Schools Communication pack. Also hunt down the Schools Calendar Planner which can help you space out what you might like to do. Looking forward to reading of your journey.

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