New Addition to Scooter Racks

Brianna Dye
Swan View Primary School

Last week we were excited to receive the delivery of our SECOND lockable scooter rack from the rewards shop! This is a great addition that we can add towards our improvements towards bike and scooter infrastructure around our school.

This scooter rack is planned to be installed down in our Early Childhood Centre. This was decided after a little student from Kindy said that it was unfair that they did not have any scooter or bike racks down near there end of the school. Fair enough I say!!!! Especially since it is a lot of our younger students who scooter to school. The Early Childhood Centre has classes from K-1/2 so this scooter rack will help a lot more students down there feel more confident riding their scooters to school knowing they can lock them away safely while they're busy learning.

The scooter rack will be installed this week or next week (hopefully), we are lucky to have a staff members husband offer his assistance in this process! We are waiting for some more progress on our future new bike/scooter storage to then decide where to place our other scooter rack... stay tuned!

I definitely recommend getting a student or students involved in the 'building' process. Last time we had a staff member offer to do this for us, this time a student who was having an off day helped put this together and he loved it! Also a great life skill to acquire (we all know how frustrating putting a flat pack together can be!).

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I think that Kindy child is a future Your Mover! And I bet the student having the "off" day was right back "on" when his handiwork was finished!

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James (Your Move)

Arlene has hit the nail on the head (or perhaps the allen key?) - great story Brianna 😊! You have earned another 20 points for this addition to your scooter 'arsenal' and 20 points too for your engaging story.

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I agree Arlene! And you are so right, this child thoroughly enjoyed this activity and returned back to class and re-engaged in his learning! Win win for everyone! Thank you James! also, ha ha great joke ;)

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