Let me introduce you to two of our regular walkers and riders! These two boys are just two of our many regular walkers/riders no matter the weather conditions!

This is M, he is a year 7 boy who walks to school every day with his older sister who attends the high school next door. When I was driving home yesterday it was pouring!! But I still saw M and his sister walking home in the rain together.

I asked M what are some benefits of walking to school this is what he said:

"I get to see cool and interesting things on my way to school, and even when it is raining I can hide under the safety of the trees"

This is P, he is a year 3 boy who regularly scooters or rides his bike to school with his mum and younger sister.

P says "I like riding my scooter and bike to school because it is fun".

I recently purchased the 'I love walking' and the 'I love riding bikes' stickers from the rewards shop to start acknowledging our students who walk and/or ride to school. These two students were super proud to receive their stickers this morning.

We have a lot of students who like to scooter to school and I think some 'I love scootering' stickers might need to be added to the rewards shop or perhaps i should see if i can find some for the time being!

These stickers are a great way to reinforce the positive choice students make to walk or ride to school. It also encourages other students to start doing the same because lets be honest who doesn't love to show off their stickers!

PS!!! The you get 250 stickers on one roll, there are 3 different sticker options and they're only 20 points each!

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Brianna, there are badges for scooting (& skateboarding) available in the Rewards Shop. 5 points for a pack of 5 badges. That may be a possibility for you. Also if you want some wet weather incentives, the hi-vis backpack covers (I call them backpack raincoats!) are good value at 5 points each. I know, I use one for my YM backpack!

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Amazing! Thank you! I totally forgot about the badges. Some of our kids actually use those already, they are fantastic :) Thank you so much for the ideas.

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James (Your Move)

If only car companies had to be honest in their adverts about how boring a car trip is for kids! Thanks for sharing these two vignettes about how much you students enjoy walking and scooting Brianna. Your AT rewards campaign for Term 3 earns you 50 points, plus you earned 20 for giving us a lovely human element to the story.

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