Reflections 2023 Survey results

Vanya Thomas
Swan View Primary School

Over the past 12 months Swan View PS "Hands Up" Survey results have shown some fluctuations in the active transport behaviours of students and families. These fluctuations can mostly be linked to weather events (heat and rain) and to a smaller degree, events that may be happening in local community, such as road works. Overall, the student surveys show a 56% increase in walking and a 9% increase in the use of Public Transport which is fantastic!! There has been an overall decrease in cycling which may be due to access to safe bicycles and skateboards and to access to appropriate helmets. The team at Swan View will look at these results and set aims for 2024 to build on the number of students walking to school and to safe bike riding capabilities in the school community.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Vanya - those are some encouraging walking and PT increase, and overall it looks like AT has gone from 35% to 44% 😃. Given that bike numbers are relatively small, a small variation in numbers riding looks quite big in percentage terms - but it is great that you are considering these results to see where your priorities lie for 2024. You earned 50 points automatically when you submitted your HUS results, and now another 10 for your reflections here.

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