Rosie's Ride

Brianna Dye
Swan View Primary School

This is Rosie. Rosie recently moved house. Today was the first day she has been able to ride to school in 4 years!!!! She was so excited. This is what she said about her experience:

There are a lot of deep hills I can go racing down on my way to school except it means that on the way home the hills I got to ride down now become hills I have to ride up!! And it's really annoying and really hard.

The stickers we purchased with points from the rewards shop make for a great reward/ incentive for students like Rosie, to not only acknowledge their efforts but also encourage them to continue walking or rolling to school.

Here is the roll of 'I love riding to school' stickers - plenty to go around!!

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James (Your Move)

Great story Bri and Rosie! Little 'case studies' like this could be really nice to put in the school newsletter from time to time too - it is a great way to normalise active travel and to show other families the joys of it! You have earned an additional 10 points for sharing this little gem 😊.

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What a fabulous idea! I will definitely ask if this story or a different one can be put in our next school newsletter. Stay tuned :)

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James (Your Move)


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