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Brianna Dye

After our Walk and Roll to School Day, the community spirit is high here at Swan View Primary and I'm keen to keep the momentum going with our You Move Program! I thought the best way to achieve this was to get EVERYONE on board. The more ideas the better! So we have created a suggestion box, a beautifully bright blue one to match our school colours. It is sitting pretty at our front office where it cannot be missed by anyone who walks past it. I thought this was the best place for it as the front office constantly has a lot of traffic moving through it at all times of the day. This also allows for staff, students, parents, carers, specialists, other family members, tradies .. basically anyone who visits the school, the opportunity to share their ideas and place a suggestion in the box allowing all members of the Swan View community to be apart of our You Move Program.

We did not just plonk our suggestions box down and hope for the would probably be ignored if we just did this! So... a little promoting has taken place.

A message has been written on the notice board in the staff room - a place where all staff members pass in the mornings to stay well informed about the day and week ahead.

Also, just by simply standing near the box after school encouraging staff members to write suggestions in sparked discussions about active transport options and special events we can hold in the future.

This was our result after just one day of diaplaying our suggestion box!!! What a turn out?! I'm excited to see what other suggestions come in and am already so excited to start bringing these suggestions to life.

I think it is also important to note that recycled materials were used to create our suggestion box, those spare A4 paper boxes have many uses! Next time it would be great to get the students involved, im thinking when we hold our colouring in competition some of their completed pieces can be stuck on to decorate our box.

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James (Your Move)

Nice one Brianna - not only recycled, but you are already planning ahead for student involvement next time 😊 - and so many responses received already! You have earned 15 points for creating a suggestion box, and another 20 points for giving so info that other's could easily replicate this! One question - do you think everyone knows what 'active transport' actually is?

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Thanks James! Great question, to which I'm already reflecting on...My initial thought was well they should! and then I thought...well I really hope so and then I thought oh no...what if they dont!? Thank you for this question that has sparked some thinking within myself that I already have some ideas in my head on how to address this question within out school. Thanks again :)

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James (Your Move)


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