Walk and Roll to School Day

Brianna Dye

Last Friday we had a Walk and Roll to School Day where students and staff were encouraged to travel to school actively, whether that was walking, cycling, scootering, skateboarding, rollerblading, car pooling or catching public transport, the Kindy students suggested that flying to school needed to be an option as well! Posters were displayed around the school leading up to the event and flyers were handed out a few days before the big day to ensure that everyone had plenty of notice!

The lovely lady who runs the canteen put on a special breakfast deal for everyone to enjoy after they actively travelled to school. This included a hot chocolate, a cheesie and a piece of fruit for only $2.00!! It's safe to say that the whole school enjoyed the morning and that it brought the community together.

A spreadsheet has been created for each class to keep a running record of exactly how students travelled to school which will allow us to also track our improvements for future Walk and Roll to School Days. Some classes even took advantage of the data being collected and used this opportunity for a graphing lesson. You can see the photo of the Kindy students using photos of their faces to plot a bar graph of how they travelled to school that day.

Everyone had so much fun during our Walk and Roll to School Day that we cannot wait for the next one next Term! To help out fellow schools here are a few tips and tricks we have learnt from organising our own day. 1. You need a dedicated staff member to create posters and flyers to get the information out there about the day and encourage others to get involved. We used posters, flyers and an announcement at the school assembly. 2. Get other people involved! Like the school canteen, put on a breakfast and make an special event out of the day! Ask parents to volunteer as well and get them involved to build your school community. 3. Collecting the data to track our progress, we set up spreadsheets for each class and physically went around to each class to record how students travelled to school. To save time I would suggest setting the spreadsheets up electronically, saving them to the shared drive and then asking classroom teachers to fill out the data themselves, it only takes a few minutes and can be done at the same time the classroom roll is taken. 4. Take photos!!! Try not to get side tracked by all the fun and take lots of photos.

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James (Your Move)

Nice one Brianna and everyone at Swan View! Your inaugural Walk and Roll event looked a huge success 😊. I have linked your story to the "Run a Special Event" activity, which earns you 40 points (if it becomes regular, i.e weekly, fortnightly or even monthly, it can be classified as a 'regular active travel day'). You have also earned 20 points for such a detailed and engaging story and another 10 points for sharing those helpful lessons learned. Looking forward to Term 3 🤩!

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