'Walk for Kids' Wellbeing'

Vanya Thomas
Swan View Primary School

By encouraging children from an early age to walk regularly, over the past three weeks our students, staff and families have been 'Walking for Kids' Wellbeing' every morning from 8:30am until 8:45am. It has been evident all participants are thoroughly engaged in this pilot program. The music everyday enhances the feeling of, 'Let's get up and go!'

You can't separate learning and wellbeing!

Walking maintains physical health, walking maintains mental health, sets children up for positive habits later in life, physical health improves concentration, walking can improve mood and boost feelings of wellbeing.

It has been lovely to see the strengthening of positive relationships by all participants just by simply walking for fifteen minutes a day!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Vanya - great to see you back for Term 4 😊! Ah yes - it is so clear to me the wellbeing benefits of walking - great to see that connection being made and promoted at your school. . We love all things that increase physical activity, but unfortunately we can only reward those that are directly related to increased use of Active Travel for the trip to school. For future events like this, we encourage you to look at ways to add in Active Travel elements - for example you could encourage staff and students to do a "park and walk" on the way to school before the sessions, or you could also link into the Nature Play "Talk n Walk" activity https://www.yourmove.org.au/activities/?view=49739 . Tuart Hill have actually just posted a story on this yesterday. Have a super weekend!

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