Your Move Ride With Confidence PD

GORDON Macaulay
Swan View Primary School

On Tuesday the 24 th of September I attended the Your Move Schools Ride with Confidence PD at the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands.

It was a well organised half day event; all the presenters were knowledgeable and inspirational. A fantastic introduction to the Your Move Schools Program.

The centre itself is well thought out and truly amazing, it is obvious that much thought has gone into the planning and build of the centre. So much more than just lines painted on the bitumen for cycle and pedestrian training. Many aspects of active transport safety have been considered. The interactive learning on the I-Pads is sure to keep students inspired on their learning journey.

Chatting with other participants of the PD was also inspirational; hearing about the different activities that they have organised gave me ideas that can be implemented at Swan View Primary School.

Some bicycle training has been planned and our first active transport day is being organised for the 15 of November, as a result of this networking.

I can thoroughly recommend this PD to new participants in the Your Move Schools Program.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move, Gordon and everyone at Swan View PS. Congratulations for getting your first story posted straight away too. I'm glad you were impressed with the facility and came away inspired by the day. I have linked your story to the "Attend a YM PD" activity which automatically gives you 50 points, plus you got 12 points for posting your first story. I also added 3 points for each photo plus a bonus 10 points for your detailed outline of the day. Pretty good for a 1st effort, I'd say!

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